The X-men comics were literally a metaphor for racism and xenophobia. This is meaningful because it is meant to be powerful and an accessible metaphor for nearly anyone who has ever felt maligned for reasons beyond their control.

Late night thoughts, reminders, and notes to self.
- Each relationship ended for a reason Dan. Keep reassuring yourself and don’t hold regret.
- You’ve changed Dan. Looking back on responses/spiritual advice from even just a year back, it’s all cringe-worthy. But you’ve grown in grace, patience, compassion. You are growing. 
- Love, when it’s hard. Love, when you’re hurting. Love, when you feel pathetic. Love, when you face rejection. Love, when you are spit on. Love, even when the world tells you to stop. Love, because Jesus.
- Think carefully before you speak. 
- Surround yourself with the right people.
- Believe in humans. Don’t lose hope in them. People are so quick to give up on others. The crazies, the psychos, the misfits, the ones trapped within their own minds. Believe in them just as God believed in you. Nobody is too far from grace. Invest into those whom people have chosen to reject.
- You don’t need the spotlight. God sees what you are doing behind closed doors, and He honors that. If you really want to be humble Dan, learn to serve others, lifting them up before yourself. Learn to treasure prayer and praise by yourself, at the foot of your bed, rather than on the stage or in the pews with people around.
- Don’t stop the empathy. If the tears come, let them come. You may hate who you are at times, Dan, but continue to embrace it. As a good sister said, "In a world that’s grown to be so cold, frozen honestly, it’s people like you who are actually able to spread warmth to people’s hearts. Even if it’s just one person at a time. You call that pathetic? No. I call that courage. I call that bravery."
Wake up, breathe in, breathe out. Choose life. Every single day.

This week is yours, God.



Disunity in the Church doesn’t cut the heart nowadays.
Imagine this.
- - -
You’re on the frontlines of battle. You slide your sword from the sheath, as the enemy lines press on toward you.
You look to your right. Allies.
You look to your left. Allies.
Good to go.
The war rages. You fight…

A post from a year ago, during a dark time in the church.
Still hits home.

I believe in you.

I don’t need to be the greatest prayer leader.
I don’t need to be the most influential person.
I don’t need to be in the spotlight.
I just want to be faithful.
I just want to be obedient.

So I knew you in high school. Not like really knew you; it was more like I knew OF you. I only knew what other people told me, and how you appeared to be on the surface. To be honest, I just knew of your labels. Christian. Wrestler. Honest. Laid Back. Soft spoken. I'll be honest with you, I even had a mini crush; I mean hey, you were cute. I wish I got a chance to know the real you, all the stuff under the surface. You seemed like an awesome person and you still do.

Haha, thanks for the honesty and the compliment.
At this point in my life, I’m just really open to meeting new people, building upon existing relationships, reaching out, discipling, etc.
So if you ever feel like coming off anon, I’ll always be down to talk and make a new friend! 

I'm the anon you just answered - thank you so much for your response :) My pastor is actually my senior sg leader, but even so, (for me) I feel uncomfortable trying to get to know him. It's not that he seems unreachable, but rather we just seem like two completely different people. Our small group can also be uncomfortable at times but I know he tries really hard. I've talked to an older female leader about it (whom I had no trouble opening up to) and I really just don't know what to do. :|

Ah, I gotcha. Yeah, it’s tough when you kinda come to what looks like a dead-end in terms of church activity and everything.
Come off anon, if you’re comfortable! I’ll definitely be able to help more if I knew more about the situation/had more insight. :}


tumblr is kind of an unhealthy environment to be in sometimes because often it’s so black and white

either you’re right, and you’re an amazing god worthy of praise, or you’re wrong, and you’re a horrible monster who deserves to die

i just saw a post that said that if you don’t understand how minimum wage and art commissions work, then you’re “the worst kind of garbage shit trash”. like… after a certain point it’s time to calm down